Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pinterest is a virtual pin board for users to pin-up things they like and share it with their followers. Pinterest is a social networking site where users collect photos and links to objects they like. They pin-up all of these favorite objects to share what they find on the web. It’s a brilliant concept but with one major problem.

Most of the content that is posted to Pinterest contains copyrighted images and there is no way to combat this fact. Until now, there was no way for websites to claim content and have it deleted as per their copyright claims. Now Pinterest has created a way for websites to implement procedures to get their copyrighted content.

With Pinterest hitting 12 million monthly unique s month the website is growing faster than any other independent site in history. The site has over 10 million registered users, 9 million of which have Facebook connected to their accounts. By their statistics, 97% of their Facebook fans are women and same goes true for their active users being mostly women.

In this infographic created by Lemonly we go over just how much Pinterest has grown.

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