Facebook Attacks of 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]


Facebook is by far the most popular place to attack users and gain personal information and spread a harmful attack. In 2011 we saw a rise in the number of attacks spreading through Facebook. The attacks are getting craftier too claiming things like a free Starbucks gift card for answering something and more.

The point behind these attacks is to get information like your name and access to your Facebook account where you have information stored like phone number and address. It then uses that information to sign you up for spam mail and calls that just waste your time. It also uses your Facebook account to spread to your friends looking like a message posted by you to your friends to make them click on it and spread even further. CommTouch, who produced the infographic, gives us a great looking graph to tell us just what happened in 2011 on Facebook.

Click the image below to view a larger version