Watch An iPad Survive A 100,000 Foot Drop


It’s amazing how technology cannot only create wonderful instruments but help create tough and durable ones as well. The creators of G-Form want to let the viewers know just how tough their cases are. They make durable cases that are meant to be thrown around and dropped multiple times. Like all marketing stunts, companies will show off their product but nothing like what we see here today.

An iPad dropped from 100,000 feet can survive a drop that crazy with G-Form’s Extreme Edge Case. That tells you something about how rugged their cases really are. Normally people would complain that some marketing stunts are setup for the best case senario but not this one. They’re in the middle of what looks to be a desert and filled up a balloon to carry the iPad 100,000 feet in the air and have it come crashing down in the middle of a rock field.

If you’re looking for a rugged case I don’t think you’ll find anything better.

via TechCrunch