Facebook Overtakes Google With Time Spent Online

That’s a simple question right? Wrong. Google has a lot of services out there they you may use every day such as YouTube, GMail, Google Maps, Google Images. Having many services that you use everyday, you would think, with that much domination in the market they wouldn’t be passed up for the amount of use time.

Now we have Facebook in the game, it is clearly known that the biggest social network time consumer is Facebook with their over 500 million users. Facebook has beat out every social network in its path including Google’s Buzz and Wave.

The latest news from comScore announces that Facebook is also the biggest time waster,coming first in total amount of time users spend there. comScore reports that in August web users spent 41 million minutes on Facebook, which averaged out to about 9.9% of the users entire web-surfing time in a month. In the same time frame, users spent 39.8 million minutes on all of Google’s services combined!

Social Networking is taking a big leap, very fast, with Facebook only passing up Yahoo this past July. Also it was only a little over one year ago that social networks took up only 5% of our internet time on any social networking service.

At the rate Facebook is growing it could over take Google with in a year to become the biggest time waster and most used site on the web today. That’s a little scary knowing all of the privacy problems around Facebook and and at the rate their going they are growing faster than Google with Facebook being one of the babies of the social networking world.

But, in the works from Google that leaked out a couple months ago, Google plans to make their own type of Facebook type service to try to snatch up users from Facebook.