Apple Releases iOS 4.1 For Most Apple Devices

Apple has recentally released an update to Apple iPhone 3G, 3Gs, and iPhone 4 and also to Apple iPod Touch 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gen models. The new update fixes the proximity sensor problems in the iPhone 4, adds a new app called Game Sensor, adds support for TV Show rentals in iTunes, fixes the iPhone 4 problem when uploading HD recorded videos to Youtube over Wi-Fi, adds Facetime calling directly from the favorites, fixes iPhone 3G performance, and small little big fixes.

Also, reports has said that there is a hidden option to set the iPhone to show its signal by it number instead of bars (known as field test mode). From Gizmodo, if the iPhone runs iOS 4.1, dial ” *3001#12345#* ” into the iPhone and the software will switch the bars to numbers.