Facebook vs Google+: Social Network Showdown [INFOGRAPHIC]


The battle has begun between Facebook and Google+ to become the best social network out there. Both sites have their strengths and weaknesses and as described in the infographic below, have different view points. Facebook seems to be focused on getting you connected with friends and people you may know personally, whereas Google+ is public and aimed about sharing posts with the world.

Facebook does have an advantage over Google+ because they’ve been around longer, but Google+ is quickly catching up with them and is on a fast growth rate to compete with Facebook. Already at 100 million users Google+ keeps sky rocketing and growing.

It’s early right now to judge how well Google+ will do compared to Facebook but early predictions are in favor of Google+ because it’s open and more public over Facebook. This great infographic by the Fox School of Business really shows the strengths and weaknesses between the two.