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Blokus for iPhone Review

Blokus is quickly becoming another one of my favorite games. It was originally a great board game that has been brought to the iPhone and iPad. It’s a simple game that involves playing pieces on a board and working to block off other players and be the last one standing who still has a move left.

It’s a very quick paced game that can usually be completed in about 5 minutes when playing a quick match. You can choose the tournament level and play for longer periods of time of you so choose, but the quick match is great just to waste a little time playing.

The game has four main levels Tournament, Quick Play, Multiplayer with both local and online mode. There’s a level and game mode for everyone that will workout well. And if you’re color blind then there’s a specific mode for you.

Download for iPhone: http://lgic.co/blokus
Download for iPad: http://lgic.co/blokushd

The game is great for that casual gamer who likes puzzle games to challenge their minds.


Craighton Miller
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