FreedomPop Overdrive Pro [REVIEW]

FreedomPop Overdrive Pro [REVIEW]

Now, the Freedompop Overdrive Pro is a perfect device for someone always on the go with many devices that need to stay connected to the internet.

This 3G slash 4G hotspot can keep you going, with up to 6 devices for up to 6 hours of use.

The device itself is a great size for putting in your cargo pants pocket, or throwing into your bag while your on the go. With just one big button to turn the device on and off, all configuration is done via a web interface that you can access from any web browser while connected to it.

The Overdrive Pro also features a LCD screen to show you the status of the device, including signal strength, the name of the wifi network, and how many clients are connected.

The best part about this device is that it works just like a wireless access point, not requiring any special apps or setup procedures. Just connect to it like you were connecting to your home wifi.

Throughout the past couple of weeks that I’ve been using the Overdrive Pro I’ve found it very useful as a replacement to my cell phone’s internet coverage.

Its uses are virtually limitless, but I found it great for checking emails, browsing the web, and watching some videos.

Coupled with the Freedompop cellular network, that offers free data usage. You can use that free data, anytime anywhere with this device.

I’ve found it a great use to put it in my pocket and connect my tablet and phone to use it while on the go.

The Freedompop Overdrive Pro is a great addition to anyone wanting more internet coverage on the go, or for those who think that personal hotspot plans for their cellphones are too expensive.