SanDisk Cruzer Force [REVIEW]

SanDisk Cruzer Force [REVIEW]

The SanDisk Cruzer Force is what I call an ultra-portable USB stick, meaning that as opposed to other USB stick you can carry it around with you everyday without adding too much bulk.

I’ve personally been using the Cruzer Force on my keyring, it’s so slim and small that it takes up less room than a key on your keychain.

And because it’s so small and light I keep it with me all the time, you can carry important documents with you or maybe a USB bootable version of Ubuntu. Or… you can do what I do and use it to carry around my Xbox Live profile wherever I go.

The amount of uses is virtually limitless and I always recommend to anyone to carry around some type of USB storage with them where ever they go, you never know when it’s going to come in handy.


I once was at a friends house and his computer was starting to crash, I had my USB stick with me and was able to help him at least save his final project for school before the computer crashed and his information was lost.

Like I said, I always recommend carrying around a USB stick with you, you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

I like the SanDisk Cruzer Force because it is so small and compact. It can also fit perfectly on your keyring with no fuss and be there for the right moment when you need it.