Google Announces Google Fiber in Kansas City

Google Announces Google Fiber in Kansas City

While most of the country will not be able to indulge in Google’s delicious fiber service, Kansas City, KS and Kansas City MO are the lucky two to test out Google’s fiber service.

Recently, Google announced plans for the Google Fiber service to the Kansas City in Kansas and Missouri. In the announcement, Google laid out three different service: Google Fiber TV and Gigabit internet, Gigabit internet only, and free internet.

Under the Google Fiber TV and Gigabit internet plan, users will be get a full lineup of television which include most cable channels you see in regular cable and satellite packages (which include the local channels, sports channels, Viacom channels, and more), and full up to one gigabit upload and download internet with no caps on the internet. Devices that come with the package include a Google Fiber TV Box, a Network Box, a Storage Box, and a Nexus 7 tablet. Users will also get 1TB of Google Drive. There is a 2 year contract with this service and will cost $120 per month.

For the Gigabit only internet plan, users will get up to one gigabit upload and download internet with no caps. Devices include a Network Box and users will also get 1TB of Google Drive. There is a 1 year contract with this service and will cost $70 per month.

If you cannot pay the monthly fee, Google also has free internet (disclaimer:  there is a one time mandated $300 or $25/month for 12 month construction fee that is usually waved with paid plans). Users will get 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up and has no data caps. Google said that this service will be free for at least 7 years.

The Google Fiber TV Box has an Ethernet Port, HDMI, component, composite, S/PDIF and Bluetooth service. It looks like there are 8 tuners on the device. It is unknown if it has any relation with the Google TV operating system, but it kind of sounds like it is running a special build of it.

The Network Box has 1Gbps connection Fiber connection to the internet, both IPV4 & IPV6, 802.11a/b/g/n with 3×3 MIMO antennas, gigabit firewall, and cloud accessible network settings.

The Storage Box has a 2TB hard drives which allows the device to record shows (up to 500 HD hours) and store personal data on the device. The device can connect to the “home’s existing wiring with built-in Ethernet over coaxial cable.”

With Google Drive and Nexus 7, see our other posts.

Well congrats you lucky people.