Windows Malware in Apple’s iOS App Store?


Although Apple usually have a good eye on preventing malware in the iOS and Mac App store, sometimes some app with malware gets passed by accident. Well, it happened again, but this time it affects Windows users.

Recently, a malware was found embedded in a iOS application being distributed on the iOS app store. Although it is a low-level threat for iOS and Mac systems, the threat is higher for Windows machine; which means that iOS users managing their device on a Windows machine are potentially infected.

Recently, a user in the Apple forums named “deesto” said that after installing the “Instaquotes Quotes Cards for Instagram” app from iTunes, his antivirus program, ClamXav, reports that the file is infected with the “Worm.VB-900” malware, a worm written in Microsoft’s Visual Basic. Although it may have sounded like the antivirus program was showing a false positive, upon further investigation, the app clearly shows that a malware is contained in the app’s .ipa file.

To reemphasize, this malware is only potentially hazardous to iOS device users that use a Windows-based machine to manage their iOS device. Also, this malware string was found in late 2009, so most antivirus software should pick up and remove that .ipa file app. As of right now, Apple has removed the Instaquotes app  from the iOS app store to prevent any more Windows machine being contaminated. Though, if you have a Instaquotes app, it is best to remove the app to prevent any more machines being infected by the malware.