Google Handwrite Search For Mobile Devices

Google Handwrite Search For Mobile Devices

If you thought that typing or speaking your searches is too much, Google now has another method of searching.

In addition to the Google Fiber roll-out announcement recently, the company announced a feature to Google searches on mobile devices called Handwrite. This feature allows handwriting recognition for Google searches on phones or tablets. Upon enabling the feature in your search preferences on your mobile touch-enabled device, a small toolbar will appear on allowing you to use handwriting to search on Google.

To enable the feature on your mobile device: go to in your mobile browser, tap on “Settings” at the bottom of the screen and enable “Handwrite.” On a tablet: go to in your mobile browser, tap on the gear icon, then tap “Search settings” and enable “Handwrite.”

After enabling the feature, tap on the handwrite icon on the bottom right of the screen to activate “Handwriting” mode. Then write like you are using a pencil or pen and paper. Upon writing a few letters, you will start getting auto-complete results and like regular searches, the more you write, the more the detailed the auto-complete is.

Google said that the feature will work on Apple devices running iOS 5 or higher, Android Phones 2.3, or Android Tablets running Android 4.0 or up. Although it works with most mobile browsers, Google said that it works best with the Chrome app. Google said that the device works with 27 different languages currently and more likely to come.

Just don’t forget how to write things after spending most of your life typing away on a computer and a mobile device.

Google has released a demonstration video to show the features of the handwrite feature.