Google Chrome Extension to Block Websites From Search Results

In a release Google today you can now block websites from search results with a new experimental Google Chrome extension that attempts to find and block the content farm websites.

Personal Blacklist, adds an option under any Google search result that lets users remove an entire website result from the search. Additionally, it adds a link at the bottom of the search results pages so you can still see the results that were blocked. Users can also manage the block list by clicking on the extension icon.

This Google Chrome extension is centered around suppressing the content farms, websites that create low-quality content that rely on search for traffic. Google in-turn acquires this information that you block and sends it to Google where it could become apart of Google’s search algorithm.

To put it simply, Google is looking into using blocked data to implement and control content farms. Google has had trouble targeting these content farms and by using users to get the data they can make a more significant impact.

I like the idea of user submitted feedback for content farm sites but it can easily be exploited by hackers with multiple computers hitting random sites throughout the day. I like the idea of, after a certain amount of hits it goes into a moderation queue where it is analyzed by Google workers to see if the site is truly a content farm.