Google+ Events Hands On


Another one of the smaller updates to roll out today from Google I/O is Google+ Events. This new feature enables you to plan events and even create a place to show off pictures and comments from the events as they are going on. Google+ Events is a great tool for those who love hosting events and need a way to get attendees information on it.

You can create events for a variety of reasons, wether you’re hosting a virtual event or a real-life event you can use Google+ Events to collaborate and track who is coming to the event. When you are planning an event you can add animated headers or your own personal image to give your event a personal touch. You can even give it a custom start and end time on any day with even adding addresses and details on your event to give attendees more information on the event and where they should be.

When your event is planned attendees can comment on the event prior to it starting and confirm with you if they are coming or not using a Yes/Maybe/No system to track. When the event has started, or before it starts, attendees can add photos to the event album to keep a record of the events that transpired at the event. When the event is live attendees can check-in to the event and if it’s a live event, join a hangout and take pictures in real time sharing to the event wall. Right now this is only available on Android devices and should be coming very soon to an iOS device near you.

Overall we think that Google+ Events is a nice addition to the features within Google+. Although we’ve had some issues with public or large scale events with people falsely claiming to come to events and spamming other users with event invites. Hopefully Google will fix this soon, but overall we’re very excited to see this new feature.