Google TV Becomes Faster and Easier To Use

Google TV Becomes Faster and Easier To Use

One of Google’s side projects that haven’t gotten too much traction lately is Google TV. If you remember they tried to push it more with the Nexus Q but didn’t sell enough units for it to become a hit and ended up abandoning the device all together. Now Google TV is back with some major improvements that might just make you consider getting a Google TV box.

This update to Google TV will start rolling out on all of Google’s LG devices and expand to a wider variety later. The three main improvements in this update focus on voice search, primetime content finding, and tighter integration with YouTube.

The best feature for me has to be voice search, just like the Xbox Kinect you can tell the Google TV a simple phrase or word and it’ll bring up anything relevent for you. For example, in the article on Google’s site they use “CNN” as an example to say and it’ll go out bring you back the CNN channel broadcasting it to you. You can likewise do this with your favorite TV shows and find the content you want on your favorite show.

Another amazing new feature has to deal with finding all of your primetime content and making room for it all. PrimeTime allows you to find all of your favorite TV content and stream it while searching though other favorite content of yours. It’s pretty unique in the fact that it searches the entire Google-verse looking for your content.

Last but not least, there’s a tighter YouTube integration into Google TV. With the world watching 4 billion hours of YouTube a month there’s not been a good integration into the TV until now with the latest update to Google TV. If you have an Android device, you can now pair it to your Google TV and use it to control YouTube from your phone and play YouTube videos on your Google TV

Overall this is a huge update to Google TV and is sure to bring in a lot of new customers right in time for the holiday season.