Google Updates ReCaptcha

Google Updates ReCaptcha

Remember reCAPTCHA? The service that helps cut down or prevent spammers and, at the same time, helping identifying texts that cannot be identified by a computer (like some books, newspapers, and documents). Now Google is now trying to take reCAPTCHA to a new level. Instead of requiring users to identify two separate words, they are now items from Google Street View.

Recently, Google confirmed that they are experimenting an improved system of ReCAPTCHA to improve the data they collect from Google Street View. Instead of requiring its user to identify two warped images containing words (with one of the words being an unknown word used to help Google digitize content for services like Google Books and past Google News), the experimental system will have its users identify items like house numbers to streets names to business addresses. While most users may not even see the new system, some users has said that they have seen the new reCAPTCHA system than the standard reCAPTCHA they see on a usual basis (two warped images contacting words), saying that it shows one warped image and the other being house numbers (although they say that the image is sometime blurry caused by the image being digitally zoomed to the number or sign).

Google has said in a statement:

We’re currently running an experiment in which characters from Street View images are appearing in CAPTCHAs. We often extract data such as street names and traffic signs from Street View imagery to improve Google Maps with useful information like business addresses and locations. Based on the data and results of these reCaptcha tests, we’ll determine if using imagery might also be an effective way to further refine our tools for fighting machine and bot-related abuse online.

The new ReCaptcha is said to appear most often on Google’s AdWords website and on the page hosting the keyword tool. Although Google is testing out the new reCAPTCHA tool, it may not appear. Your mileage may vary.