LogicLounge Purchased For $5 Million

LogicLounge Purchased For $5 Million

I guess that there is a time for everything and today it’s our time. A company who has asked not to be named yet has purchased LogicLounge and all its entities for $5 million. We’ve been in negotiations for the past month or so and finally we struck a deal. The company purchasing us has not stated their intention for the website or what we do at all.

Apparently the company like what we do here at LogicLounge and decided to purchase our operations around here. The transition will be abrupt and a lot of us here may be out of a job. They have voiced their opinion that they would like to keep some of the web developers on to assist with transition the site.

Everything was bought including the YouTube Channel, Twitter Feed, Facebook Page, Google+ Page, and even our MySpace page were all snatched up in the deal. Starting from when this blog post is published all rights to the LogicLounge name and accounts are owned by them, this will unfortunately be also the last time we have control of the feeds and every posting after this is by our new owners.

We can’t report the final purchasing agreement yet, but LogicLounge was is being outright by an anonymous company who liked the work we do and saw the potential of our growing company. This will probably be my last blog post for a while as we work on the transition to the new company, but it’s alright I already bought a nice big house and a fast new sports car.

It was great working with you all and i enjoyed the time we spent together, but now I have a private plane to catch.

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