Higher Education Goes Digital [INFOGRAPHIC]

Higher Education Goes Digital [INFOGRAPHIC]

As technology gets faster and cheaper it starts to make its way into everything we do in our lives. Education is one of the slowest to adopt new technology like ebooks and getting computers into the classroom. Throughout history, textbooks have been a burden to students; they’re heavy, expansive and quickly out-of-date. However, technology is playing a major role in how higher education is changing as a whole.

While textbook are still the top choice for many classes, ebooks are giving them a run for their money. If you compare them, textbooks are marked up considerably up to 35%. They’re heavy, have many different versions that are pushing to buy. They’re costly to the environment in terms of printed materials. Textbooks from iBooks are forced to cost less than $14.99 a piece to keep costs low. eBooks can be stored on a single portable device that is a fraction of the weight of normal books.

Renting books is a good alternative but still cost quite a bit of money over getting an ebook. There are portable devices like the Kindle Fire and even iPad that are great for reading on the go. On the iPad specifically, there are 20,000 education-based apps and over 1,000 universities using iTunes U.

Education in the classroom with technology is increasing exponentially day by day. The online education website Online Universities created a nice infographic that you can view below for how ebooks in education is advancing.

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