LifeProof iPhone 4s Case Review

LifeProof iPhone 4s Case Review

LifeProof is known as producing one of the toughest and cleanest looking cases ever. I got this case for review from LifeProof and put it through some testing of my own by dumping in some water and throwing the case through some snow.

For being a very light weight and thin case it’s very strong and can hold up to everyday torture and beatings. Lifeproof claims that the case is waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, and shock proof. And I can attest to that claim and say with the upmost certainty that it’s very tough.

The case doesn’t ship with any manuals or instruction booklets, only a very large orange sticker on the back telling you to test and inspect the case before inserting your phone. For more directions it does point you to their online site where full documentation is provided.

The case is made of up two polycarbonate shells that snap together and has a rubber gasgat running around the edges to ensure a full seal. There is also a removable plug for the headphone jack, where one is provided by LifeProof so that you can listen to your music without the vulnerability of water or any substance leaking in. There’s also access to the data port via another gasgat sealed access point.

This case is meant to hold your iPhone for a long time without having to be removed. Lifeproof recommends that you can only open and close the case about 50 times before you start to risk the integrity of the seals. The case is meant for a more permeant option and not something that is interchangeable on a daily or frequent basis.

All the features of the iPhone are accessible with this case with the ability to access all ports and switches on the iPhone. Although, in my testing I had trouble with getting the iPhone silent switch to work in the case and too some effort to switch it back and forth. That was the only problem that came up in my testing of the case. All other elements worked without a hitch, audio was clear both from the speaker and on the earpiece.

Overall the LifeProof case is for someone who has an iPhone but doesn’t necessarily have the track record with keeping their phones safe and out of harms way. It’s rough and sturdy without adding too much bulk and is defiantly recommended for anyone wanting to protect their phone for a low cost.