History Of Skype [INFOGRAPHIC]

Skype has been an interesting company since its inception. Overall they’ve had their ups and downs, but the company is still holding strong.

In 2007 the company lost a billion dollars, in the same year it was devalued down by $500 million. The owner of the company in 2007, eBay promptly sold the company in 2009, there by allowing Skype to break off and file for IPO the following year.

Amazingly, earlier this month, we started to hear rumors that Skype was being picked over by Google or Facebook who both had around $4 billion bids for the product at the time. The blogosphere was abuzz with reactions to the possible acquisition from these two giants. The thing that throws us all off is the surprise acquisition by Microsoft for $8.5 billion. This values Skype at around $1,000 per user.

The infographic below from Focus shows Skype’s rollercoaster history of the company.

Click on the image below for larger view: