Miramax Films Coming To Netflix

This morning Netflix announced that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Miramax Films, this brings Netflix hundreds of more movies to the popular streaming service.

Starting in June of this year, Miramax titles will be available to all their subscribers. In a statement from Netflix and Miramax, dozens of films will be added to the database on a rotating schedule.

This deal with Miramax is apart of the latest line of deals that Netflix is trying to secure. Just last month Netflix entered in a multi-year deal with Lionsgate to bring their programming to Netflix, including television series such as Mad Men. CBS and Disney have similar deals with Netflix as well to bring the most popular shows and movies to Netflix subscribers.

This agreement with Miramax comes at the best time for Netflix. The Walt Disney Company which owned the studio since 1992 sold the film library and other assets to Filmyard Holdings in December 2010. Even though Miramax has three upcoming releases for 2011, the focus of the company now is to find ways to get its extensive library of films digitized and available to the people who want to watch them.

This means not only Netflix is scooping up deals, but Hulu and Amazon are in talks with deals as well. For Miramax, this is just the start to their distribution.