How Much RAM Do I Need?

How Much RAM Do I Need?

When building or buying a computer, one of the major components is your RAM. Too little and you’ll have jittery and slowness, too much and you’re just over killing it. So we’re here to answer how much RAM you need.

For most general users, 4GB is more than enough. Usually your operating will take no more than 2GB of your RAM and the remaining 2GB is more than enough for general use. 2GB of extra RAM is more than enough to run word processing, basic web browsing and light online gaming. Those users who don’t plan on doing any heavy gaming, 4GB is perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you plan on doing any heavy gaming then between 8GB and 16GB is the perfect for you. Games take advantage of RAM for it’s high speeds and quick access times, thus games take advantage of RAM and load crucial parts of the game into RAM to provide a smoother better experience. Although, if you don’t have enough RAM then it can’t take full advantage of the game and its abilities.

Beyond 16GB you get into 32GB and 64GB which is the maximum you can put into a consumer motherboard now-a-days. These very large RAM values are great for graphic designers and video editors. Graphics and video editing programs will take advantage of the large RAM values to pre-rended into and provide faster editing playback.

In conclusion, it really depends on what you’re doing with how much RAM you should have in your system.