How to Build An OS For The Raspberry Pi


So you have got your Raspberry Pi, tried the various operating systems for the machine (Rasperian, RaspBMC, Andoid, etc), but you want to get your hands even deeper into the Raspberry Pi; the only problem is that you do not know programming. You are in luck.

Cambridge University is offering free tutorials that teaches the fundamental computer science principles and how to program the Pi. The tutorials will teach you the ins and outs of the Raspberry Pi including basic OS theory, basic control of the board, graphics manipulation, creating a turning machine, connect a temperature sensor and create a program to log the results, and even developing a basic command line operating system for the Raspberry Pi. As the Raspberry Pi was to get kids into programming, programming knowledge is not required, though having some will help you in the tutorial. Even though the course will get you off the ground and into programming, the course is “not easy, and it’s not meant to be,” as the foundation says that they “expect you to find this course challenging – and you should find you come out of it with a great deal of skill and knowledge that you didn’t have before.”

As of right now, there are twelve tutorials available currently with more to come in the near future. You can go to the Cambridge Computer Lab Raspberry Pi Tutorials to get into developing for the Raspberry Pi. Hopefully, more users will develop new and interesting things for the small $35 device.