How We Share In Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

How We Share In Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all share and communicate, it’s coded into our DNA and we love doing it. In the last several years social media has seen a massive growth in social networking. This increase between networking between people has led to a rise in the amount of information being shared. Graphs of this sharing data keep going up and up.

Look at how social networks have grown over the years. Facebook has a total of 800 million uses with Twitter following with 200 million and Google+ at the end of the pack with a little over 40 million users. To put that in perspective, there are 100 times as many people as there are people living in New York City. All of this sharing and networks equates to 24% of a single persons online time. To compare people only spend an average of 9.8% on their time online dedicated to gaming. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest behind China and India.

The following infographic by Voltier Digital explains it all:

Social media has a vast and growing influence on how we share out lives and stay in touch with friends. It has changed the flow of information from a one-way service to a two-way conversation, and it has improved out ability to engage brands, politicians, and news organizations. Social media sites continue to grow, and as they extend their reach into mainstream outlets, they will become an increasingly important aspect of our lives by becoming increasingly good at facilitating the sharing of information.

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