Instapaper 3.0 Gets Social

Instapaper is the most popular “read it later” tool for the iPhone, web and just about every other mobile device. In a major update released not too long ago version 3.0 add a whole new feature to this massively popular app. This new social layer allows you to follow other users on Instapaper and see articles that they share with their social community. Right off the bat you can add Instapaper users by finding them on Twitter, Facebook or from your local Address Book.

Instapaper developers have also taken into account the speed of the app and with a new engine they finally grant better image quality to keep up with demand. Also brought to the table Instapaper allows for searching of articles by title or content. Better sharing options that include enhances Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinboard and Evernote integrate fully with the app and work natively.

The app also now has a completely rewritten web browser built-in, so you can browse to any website, find the articles you want to read later, and save them directly from the app. And there’s a new Editors browser, featuring the best human curators on the web who recommend great articles for Instapaper reading.

A cool feature added includes a “smart rotation lock” that can understand if the change in rotation was accidental or not. Several new tweaks and bug fixes wrap up the 3.0 release. One last thing, you can browse for articles in-app or choose from the Editor’s Picks recommended list of content.