Is The White iPhone Finally Here?

After almost a year of delay, the first signs of a white iPhone 4 start showing up, revealed today in a BestBuy screenshot two listings show up for a 16GB and a 32GB white iPhone 4. The screen also shows the expected in-stock date is expected for February 27th.

The picture also notes that the model numbers and SKU associated with the entered are similar to those used by BestBuy when the pre-orders for the white iPhone went out last summer. As we recall the pre-orders were canceled when Apple announced that it was not going to be able to fulfill the white iPhone demands.

What gives this story real ground is that a similar screenshot from the German company Vodafone also showed a recent entry for the white iPhone as well. It is safe to say that the launch of the white iPhone 4 is soon.

What I couldn’t confirm is if the entries are for the upcoming release of the white iPhone or if they companies are preparing for something that we don’t know about. The only strikingly odd part with the February 27th release date is that it’s a Sunday. From experience we know Apple likes to release hit products on Thursdays or Fridays to ensure high sales over the launch weekend.

Although, the hype around the white iPhone 4 is long gone. With us nearing the spring, Apple is most likely going to be releasing the iPhone 5 which will make the iPhone 4 obsolete. There is still a big rumor pool around the white iPhone subject, with Apple even hinting that they won’t attempt to release a white iPhone 4 and may just skip that over to the iPhone 5. For the smart user they have given up on the iPhone 4 and have moved on to something else, which seems to suit them well.