Malware for iPad

Yikes… with Apple’s amazing one million iPads sold, all the malware-makers are thinking about infecting the iPad.  For the most part, there isn’t very much malware for Apple’s products (not saying that there isn’t).  It makes perfect since, if you’re making malware, would you want to make malware for an OS like Windows, the most popular one?  Or an OS like Mac OS X with about 9%?  Easy question, Windows.  Same goes with phone operating systems, except this is where Apple’s product is more popular, iPhone/iPod/iPad.

But, when you get a product, like the iPad, that sells one million so quickly, with people still buying ’em, you’d think twice.

The malware infects the explorer.exe process, and makes it possible for the attackers to controls your machine (which in my opinion, is the scariest thing).  It downloads and installs the malware known as Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY, says BitDefender.

Scammers are distributing emails to trick iPad owners to download a software update, but actually opens a “door” on your computer, to download more malware.

Windows is the only OS that is affected.