Manga Adaption of Steve Jobs Released

Manga Adaption of Steve Jobs Released

3-25-2013 11-14-16 AMThere is a manga for just about anything. A manga that has action, there is a lot. A manga that has romance, there is a lot. But what about a manga about Steve Jobs? Now there is one.

Thermae Romae, a well known manga drawer who has previous award winning Japanese manga, is releasing a manga version of the biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. In May issue of Kodansha’s Kiss, the entire first chapter was released to readers of the magazine. 

The only problem with English Readers, the manga is in Japanese (though it seems that some fans will translate it into English).

The time is set in 2004 with Steve Jobs traveling to Colorado to ask Walter Isaacson, writer of the book, Steve Jobs, released in 2011, to write the life of his story. Walter then discusses if Steve is comparing himself to people like Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, which Walter has written biographies about. Walter then puts off writing about Steve till he receives the news from Steve’s wife that Steve has cancer.

Here is a video promo for the manga (and it is unfortunately in Japanese)

Yahoo Japan has released a preview the first chapter of the manga (but it is in Japanese, so read it right to left). As for getting your hands for the first full chapter of the manga, you will need to scan the internet or the stores (if you are lucky to have one that specialize in manga) for a place that will import one for you.

Image from Yahoo Japan.