Microsoft Reverses DRM On XBox One

Microsoft Reverses DRM On XBox One


After a lot of backlash from the gaming community, Microsoft is giving up on one of the “features” in the next generation console, the Xbox one.

In a blog post, Don Mattrick written that the next generation console will treat games much like they did with the Xbox 360. This means that the Xbox one will not be DRM locked, users will not have to check in once every 24 hours, and games will not be region locked. The only time the users will be required to be online is during the initial set up of the console. This means that users are able to trade-in, lens, sell, gift, and rent games much like the Xbox 360. In addition to the announcement of the reversal, Don announced that in addition to buying a disc from a retailer, users can also download games from Xbox Live on day of release (though downloaded content cannot be shared with other people).

Though Microsoft has changed one thing that was wrong with their console, it is not the only problem people are complaining. In light of the NSA leaks, many people are concerned with the console spying on them. While the Xbox one comes with the Kinect, it is required in order for the Xbox one to function. When combined the fact that the console will not completely turn off, just stand by, raises many concerns about people’s privacy.

Do you think that the reversal will help Microsoft recover from damages caused by the backlash of people complaining?