MySpace Gives Up Against Facebook

It was only a couple of years ago that Facebook entered into the social networking market and MySpace brushed them off as now concern. A couple of years later there were some internal reworking at MySpace and they fell to pieces. Facebook took great leaps and easily crushed MySpace down as being the biggest social networking site.

Since then MySpace has been doing everything that it can do to not loose its members to Facebook. Over the battles that were had MySpace found little ways to make their site a little better. They adopted the bottom status bar with chat, they’ve changed their design so many times I don’t know what it looks like anymore.

Fight, fight, fight, as MySpace may, Their space is no more.

The special event today is more of a surrender than a partnership between the two companies.

The even was less than exciting with MySpace CEO Mike Jones on air with Facebook vice president Dan Rose. MySpace’s CEO seemed surprised that only the vice president of the company was represented at that event.

The bottom line is that Facebook Connect will integrate with MySpace accounts allowing the last of the MySpace users to associate their MySpace accounts with their Facebook accounts. And after that all logging in will be done through the Facebook Connect platform and not MySpace’s login area.

MySpace is being saved a little bit, with Facebook users able to push their status updates to their MySpace page. Making your Facebook stream available on your MySpace profile.

Over the next months, two things are most likely going to happen. One is that MySpace will just implode and all members will transfer to Facebook giving them even more users and MySpace will be drained and be forced to shut down or get bought. Or, MySpace will get the same amount of low traffic and their dedicated users will be left. Either way is destruction for MySpace.