Obama’s Call To Contact Congress Crashes Capitol Websites

This is a first, a U.S. president’s call to action creates too much traffic for the Capitol websites and crashes them taking them down. Last night President Obama told citizens to send their Congressmen their opinions on the speech.

According to the Senate Sergeant At Arms, Senate.gov saw a flood of increased traffic in the hours after Obama’s speech that resulted in many sites being inaccessible.

We are again experiencing peak loads today and many sites are sluggish and may at times receive errors,” the note said.

The sites most effected where those of Congress members for Speaker of the House (John Boehner) a Republican from Ohio who found his site offline for hours. Jim DeMint, Republican from South Carolina and Michele Bachmann also Republican from Minnesota found themselves taken offline for a while durning the aftermath of the speech.

Hundreds of thousands of people were navigating to the site to contact their representative, this is fine and all but not all at the same time like this. It turns out this closely resembles a denial of service (DDoS) attack and the servers couldn’t take it.

By now everything has subsided and you are freely able to navigate to all sites without trouble. This just shows the power of determination and voice of the people of this country.