Oink iPhone App [REVIEW]

Oink iPhone App [REVIEW]

Released yesterday from Milk Inc. we have the first iPhone app from Kevin Rose’s new startup. Oink is a liking service where you can love and rate different items and objects.

Oink integrates with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare to follow the people you like and figure out what they like. This service is not about rating just food but objects and services and anything you like. You’re able to tag objects as well and by tagging objects people are able to find the things they like easier.

Within each object you can create a mini-review of the object and give your opinion on it, as well as commenting and “oinking” it. Oinking is the way of sharing an object to your followers.

People can comment and share on everything and add locations to the objects, so for example if you’re at the Space Needle in Seattle you can tag and add it then your follower can add this to their list when they are at the location.

Along with that, you ca add things to your to-do list. If you find something that you want to do, add it to your to-do list and when you’re able to do what you want to do. You can check it off and rate it.

Within the Oink app there is also a competition aspect called, cred. You can earn cred by rating and commenting on certain things of which you’ve added tags for. For example if I add “technology” to my cred tags I’ll level up and earn credibility about that certain topic.

The Oink app also takes your location and can suggest things to-do around your location and what is popular in your area. This is how you can discover and find things to-do wherever you are.

Overall this app is amazing and defiantly has a lot of activity around it. So much activity that some features are a little spotty because of the high traffic involved. I’ve experienced some crashing and spotty service but when everything does work, it’s amazing.

You can download the app at: http://ou.gd/8PfA

Learn more: http://www.oink.com/