OWC Mercury Elite Pro RAID Review

OWC Mercury Elite Pro RAID Review

If you’re looking for a performance RAID solution check out the Other World Computing Mercury Elite Pro RAID box. This 4TB option features eSATA, Firewire 400 & 800, with USB 2.0 and can work on both Mac and Windows with instructions for both. With an amazing 3 year warranty and high quality components for $399.99 you’re getting a very reliable RAID box.

The particular drive that I reviewed is the 4TB model with 2 x 2TB drives. With multiple interfaces to choose from to plug into your computer, there’s room to pick from the fastest interface your computer supports.

Inside of the box coms with the drive unit itself with a 128MB data buffer, all cables come with it, and a software CD with Prosoft Data Backup 3, NovaBACKUP, and Intech Speed Tools.

The drive has some outstanding features and a rugged portable design, it’s built with some high quality components and when I put it through some stress tests it preformed beyond what I thought for a standard RAID box.

If you’re someone who needs a reliable and high performance RAID box look no further than the OWC Mercury Elite Pro. It comes with a great 3 year warranty and is made to last.