Pandora Internet Radio

There are a lot of internet radio services out there, Yahoo Radio and Shoutcast. But there is one that has really caught my eye. Pandora Radio is a radio service tailored for you. Pandora Radio is a music service that takes input from you to find music you love. How it works is you create a radio station, then you add artists that you like, after that Pandora will take your input and give you songs that it thinks that you will like. Pandora has a voting system that you may use for it to help you find the music that you like. You can vote “Like” or “Dislike” per song and the service will take that information to refine what music you like. Pandora has also integrated many social services, such as Twitter and Facebook so you can tell your friends what you are listening to. There are 2 versions of Pandora Radio that you can use, a free version that lets you listen up to 40 hours of music per month. There is also Pandora One which is their paid music service that provides you with unlimited listening hours, no ads, and a desktop application.