How To Piss Off A Microsoft Tech Support Scammer [VIDEO]

How To Piss Off A Microsoft Tech Support Scammer [VIDEO]

Most, if not all of us have gotten a scam call from someone claiming to be Microsoft Tech Support. Usually they are claiming that they’ve found a virus on your computer while doing a check in your area. First off, there is no way Microsoft could know that and second why would Microsoft take the time to call people?

Most of us are all aware of these scammers and some will just hangup on them as soon as they hear that the person is from tech support. But then there are the few that like to toy with these scammers and waste their time to take away from someone who could really fall victim to these scammers and their tactics.

I am one of the latter, I’ve been waiting for this glorious day for so long and it finally happened. Unfortunately I wasn’t near my camera when they first called so the start of the video above is a little bit into the call after I’ve hooked him in and played dumb going through the simple steps that he walked me through to check the system version and tried to scare me with the Event Viewer.

Of course I knew all of this was a scam but I played along anyways. I kept him going for as long as possible, playing dumb and stumbling around with steps, just trying to keep him on the phone as long as I could.

Prior to this encounter, less than a week earlier I had read about another person recoding a scam caller and he had a VM instance that was an unpatched Windows 98, I believe Windows 98, install. This guy had also disguised files to look like important business files but were really software to mess with the scammer’s computers. One was the very popular, that when unzipped is something like a 4.5 petabytes (most consumers have no more than a terabyte and this is much, much bigger). Another was a batch file that deleted System32 and restarted the computer, making it unusable.

I had thought about making the same type of VM just for scammers if they ever called me but never thought that I’d ever get that call. Now I get it.

Back to the story, I kept nagging him on until he wanted me to go to a website to download remote access software. Of course I did not, and I started my full frontal attack against this scammer identifying to him that I knew exactly what this type of call was. He tried his best to fight my allegations against him and lost.

The call ended up with him yelling at me in a rage and hanging up the phone.

This one one of the best phone calls that I’ve ever had and now I’m prepared with an unpatched version of Windows with a couple of hidden bombs and a nice batch script or two. I now just wait for that day that I can stick it to at least one scammer.