Top 5 Raspberry Pi Accessories



Though the Raspberry Pi is a small power device for $25-$35, there are likely some things you need to enhance the experience of the Pi. Here are the top 5 things you will want to get for the Raspberry Pi

5. Mini Heatsink

– Though the Raspberry Pi doesn’t need a fan on the device, the Pi can get a little hot. We recommend you get small aluminum heat sinks to help dissipate the heat. You can search Amazon for them.

4. Raspberry Pi Case

– While running the Raspberry pi exposed is nice, it is better to get a case for the device. A Raspberry Pi case will help protect the device from shorting out and frying the device.

3. USB Hub

– While the Raspberry Pi comes with one to two USB ports, it is very likely that you will need more USB than the USB ports that they give. We recommend you to get a powered USB hub likethe Cirago USB hub that has a port that is capable of sending a 2.1 amp dataless power to the Pi. With a hub that has a port that is capable of sending a 2.1 amp dataless power, you don’t need to get a USB power supply to power the Pi.

2. Standard USB peripherals

– Unless you plan to use the Pi remotely through remote desktop or SSH, you will likely need a mouse and keyboard. Most plug and play USB keyboards and mouse should be capable with the Raspberry Pi.

1. USB Power Supply and Micro USB cable

– This is a major requirement just to do anything with the Raspberry Pi. Without it, you can’t do anything (except to use it as a paperweight). In the documentation, they requested that you have a USB power supply capable of sending 700mA to the Pi, though recommends 1 amp of power to the device. Luckily, with more and more tablets on the market, there are many USB power supply capable of sending more than 1 amp of power to the device (usually 2.1 amps).