Samsung Releases Drives With 1TB Per Platter


Samsung has recently released yet another advance in computer technology, with the release of hard drives with 1 terabyte of space on each. platter. The company also currently exhibits a 2 TB desktop HDD which integrates just two platters. The new drive will enable HDD capacities of 3 and 4 TB. Current desktop HDDs top out at 3 TB. The company is also showing 1 TB 2.5-inch HDDs for notebooks, which integrate two 500 GB platters.

There was no exact information when the drives will be available to buy.  It is quite amazing to see the HDD industry achieve these kind of data densities. I can still remember when hard drives topped at 3GB! We can only expect more good things to come out from Samsung in the near future, and hopefully, more space. (But who needs it?)