Samsung vs. Apple [INFOGRAPHIC]

Samsung vs. Apple [INFOGRAPHIC]

As you may know, Samsung and Apple are in a back and forward patent war in many territories around the world. In the few weeks of the trial, we discovered many things that used to be classified before the trial. We learned some previous designs about the iPhone and iPad that never saw the light of day. We also learned that the trial is starting to get ridiculous.

At times, there are some things that would be considered child’s play. The first thing was that the phones look exactly the same. Another time they argued about the apps icon. Then they argued about who created the tablet first, who stole the design first, and who should win the patent war.

At this point, the trial is so crazy that it is possible to be considered a mistrial. If you did not comb through all of the documents from the court case and decided who should win, the people over at JoyOfTech has created a nice little infographic for you to decide who is the winner of the trial. Based on the infographic, it is somewhat true. Even though some seems to be crazy, some are reasonable accusations from the trial.

Who do you think should win in court? Should Apple win, should Samsung win, or do you think they are both tied and neither one wins or looses?

We will see soon what the just considers soon.