Sandy Bridge iMacs Due Tomorrow [REPORT]

It has been confirmed! Apple will release a much-needed refresh to its iMac lineup. The all-in-one desktop will adopt the Apple’s latest updates which includes the newest family of Intel Core processors and a couple other key features missing.

The hot rumor says the new models will hit the store on May 3, tomorrow and swap out anything existing with the next generation Core i models. It is also expected for the iMacs to pick up a miniDisplay port and Apple’s new Thunderbolt port, that is supposed to bring high-speed data to the computer. However no mass-produced devices have surfaced on the market it.

One of the key indicators that Apple will be releasing these new products is the various requests that it makes to retailers before a launch of the kind. Sources over at AppleInsider confirmed that these measures are going into effect.

As described by the site, Apple is calling for a “visual night” which usually results in employees working from evening to the early morning hours to get new product stocked and make big modifications to the market before opening its doors the following day. During these shifts, old product is stocked away and new product is set out and setup for customers the following morning to flood into the store to get the latest product from Apple.

This comes at a crucial time for Apple, nine months since the last refresh we are ready to see what big things the computer giant has in sore for us. This refresh is also a very dangerous time for Apple, the desktop line is going downhill in sales and Apple quickly needs to pick itself up.

We will have to see what Apple has in store for us tomorrow. What do you think the new iMacs will have?