What is Empire Avenue?

Since the start of the 12th century there has always been a stock market in some form, such as casual trading between two workers. In the current day we have the stock exchanges, that are more official. Trading in these markets are unstable and can be hard when trying to play the stock market. For those on the web we find a new way to trade and play the markets to make fake money.

Empire Avenue is a social trading market that is slowly taking over the social media space. Empire Avenue capitalizes on the same notion of the current stock markets. Users can buy and sell shares, but in this game you buy and sell other users. By connecting your social media accounts the service takes a look at your interaction on the web and how many people decide to invest in you to set your price of shares.

Instead of Retweeting or “Liking” other people, Empire Avenue wants you to put your virtual money where your mouse is. On Empire Avenue we are more than people, we are people-stocks. Strangers and friends around the world can buy and sell shares on a virtual stock exchange that can result in virtual profits for you.

When you signup your given your initial market worth based on your social networks. When you join you list yourself in a public stock index closest to your main interest, such as you can choose Technology, News and Media, Sports or The Eaves. After signing up, users build their portfolios by buying people-stocks based on market valuation of social media activity, common interests, or personal choice.

Empire Avenue keeps track of actions and transactions, calling them “achievements” and awards points based on level of activity, these points are known as Eaves and are used to buy and sell. The more you have, the more you can spend, the more you get paid out.

It is free to join and easy to signup so you can enjoy trading other people faster.

After a couple of days on the site I have compiled a list of things to quickly get your profile off the ground:

  1. Fill out your profile – Like any other site tell investors as much as you can about you so they can judge their investment.
  2. Connect social media sites – The game is based around your social activity so connect all you can.
  3. Connect RSS feeds – If you have a blog anywhere connect the RSS feed and have it endorsed by friends.
  4. Be social – All social media activity goes towards your market values, so keep tweeting and uploading.
  5. Join a city – There are communities out there join one so you can be found easier.
  6. Find people – Use the search to find friends and invest in who you think you should.
  7. Market yourself – Put yourself out there, tell others why you should be invested in, give them a reason.
  8. Watch your money – Manage your money wisely and make back what you buy.
  9. Chat with others – Don’t just make a profile and leave, be social and talk with potential investors.
  10. Participate in events – There are constant special achievement events where you have a change to earn more.

If you would like to invest in me look up CRAIGHTON on the index or if you would like to invest in LogicLounge search LGIC. Use our special invitation link and earn more money when you start.