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Seesmic Web Now Integrates Ping.fm & Foursquare

Looks like Seesmic is doing something good with Ping.fm after they acquired it a while ago. On Seesmic blog, they announced that their web client will let users to post to Ping.fm and Foursquare with a registered account with a registered account with them.

If you don’t know about Seesmic, it is a desktop application, site, and/or app that connects to your Twitter account or Facebook. They recently acquired Ping.fm (a site that post your saying to multiple networks) a while ago.

With the integration of Ping.fm to their web client, users can now post their saying to multiple sites without going to each individual site and posting what they are saying. They also included Contact notes, verified account icon, translator to send different different languages, filtering, and some improvements to their design

Now we just have to wait till they add this into their desktop programs and mobile apps.


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