Slender - Awesome and Scary at the Same Time

Slender - Awesome and Scary at the Same Time

A recent fad to hit the nation is a scary thriller game, Slender. The game is about a paranormal creature called the Slender Man who lives in the woods and is a tall lanky figure with very long arms. The game takes place in a heavily forested area with object scattered about including many abandoned cars, a hospital, and a long scary tunnel. To win the game you must collect all 8 “manuscripts” that are scattered randomly on the map, without being caught by the Slender Man.

The Slender Man is described as a tall and lanky creature who wears a black suit, like that found in the Men In Black. The only physical part of his body that you see is his face which is completely white with absolutely no facial features. The legend is that if you see his arms start to flap and move that you are put into a trans that you can’t get out of. In the game you know he is getting close by the screen starting to become static, like what you would see when you lose signal on your TV otherwise commonly knows as white snow.

The game itself is very simple and straight forward. You are stuck in the woods with only a flashlight that only lets you see so far in front of you. You can walk, run, and look around, although when you are running your flashlight is pointed down making it incredibly hard to see in front of you when you are running. Although, I don’t think your flashlight will be a problem if you start to see the white snow appear on your screen. During the game, when you see the white snow, the Slender Man will get closer and closer to you indicating you should probably run and get away from him. As you collect the manuscripts, the occurences that the Slender Man shows up gets more frequent. The object of the game is very simple, stay away from the Slender Man and collect all 8 manuscripts.

Although the game is very low quality and is no where near the quality of games produced present day, it doesn’t distract from the gameplay. I believe that the low quality adds to the gameplay and gives it a more mysterious feeling as you’re walking through the game. Not many scary games are scary to me, but this was one that you can file under very scary, just due to the fact that the Slender Man can pop up anywhere and scare you when you turn your head.

So if you like scary games, or if you want to give your friends a scare, check out Slender.