Steve Wozniak Reacts To Steve Jobs’ Death [VIDEO]


Steve Wozniak is the one most person whose connected with Steve Jobs the most, hey co-founded and helped build the Apple empire today. They’ve been the best of friends since they were in college and both of them have become a huge influence on our technologic world.

It’s a sudden thing for someone who helped started the age of personal computers die. Those who have been around know him well and know that he’s been a visionary for the future of computers and the technology around them. Not only a visionary, but a great business man, Steve Jobs knew how to sell a product and make people want to have it. His philosophy of Apple has become the greatest influence on technology, many attempt to replicate it but none can achieve what Steve Jobs has built.

As the closest person to Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak reacted to his death today and went on many news channels to explain his sympathy and sorrow to Steve’s loss. The most touching of with was from Associated Press where he got choked up and almost cried during the interview.