T-Rays Transmit 3Gbps Wirelessly


If you thought that Wi-Fi’s 5GHz band was the fastest at transmitting data, you are very wrong. Six researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology has just recently successfully transmitted data in the terahertz range, making it 20 times faster than the current fastest Wi-Fi in the market.

The reason scientists were able to transmit in the terahertz range is because of the frequency it transmits. Instead of maxing the transmission of Wi-Fi to 5Ghz, scientists transmitted in the “T-Ray” band locating between the microwave (300 GHz band) and infrared (3 THz band), transmitting around 542 GHz. Previously the “T-Ray” band was used for imaging in the research market and usually used in X-Rays because of its ability to penetrate many material and leaving the least amount of damage.

Although the spectrum allows the device to transmit up to 3Gbps, it is only capable of transmitting up to an estimated 30 feet (similar to bluetooth distance). As there are specifications being developed to be able to transmit two to three times the amount of data the researchers are getting, the “T-Ray” band transmission sounds like a done deal. The advantage is that the parts required to transmit that signal require only 0.04 square inches in parts, something that can be applied to a mobile phone or a small gadget.

Although “T-Ray” band transmission sound good for short distance device syncing, it is just being developed, and we do not know when it will be available int the consumer market. At best, you could go with the 802.11ac WiFi spectrum (whenever it comes out), transmitting at a max of 1.3 Gbps, though that will not speed up your Internet.