Top 5 iPhone Alternatives

Top 5 iPhone Alternatives


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With the homecoming of the latest iPhone 5 and the variety of features associated with it, Apple has in a way toppled across its competitors with a seamless computing system.

The features involved are easy to learn and get a feel of while carrying this along feels like a charm as the design happens to be sleek and highly stylish.

Some of the worthy alternatives which have flocked the market making the conventional iPhone users delve into better avenues and newer features are:


This handset came as a surprise for many with the highly innovative design and the sleek exteriors. Better casing is included pertaining to the silver aluminum options with the looks being comparable to the Mac Book from Apple. With the power packed features alongside the sturdy looks, it is a worthy iPhone alternative accompanied by the following features:

  • The 5-inch display is a charm to work on negating the complexities associated with the iPhone.
  • The overhyped “Retina” quality display feature has been pitted against the better pixel resolution per unit of its dimension which amounts for a clearer picture over wider screens.
  • With a comparable camera, HTC One boasts of many tricks associated with the same. The “Zoe” camera allows snapping short videos on selecting the best frame automatically to display the stills.
  • This also involves removal of the added distraction and letting users clean the pictures of the undesirable attributes unlike the iPhone camera.
  • An exclusive news ticker in BlinkFeed is included keeping the users updated on the current events and all important subjects including the social networking sites. Though similar applications are up for grabs with the iPhone but the out of box technology is being associated with HTC One.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Tagged as the life companion, this device comes around with a wide range of features and applications letting the users flex their intuitiveness to higher levels using the gadget as an all in one mobile computer. Some of the most well comprehended class lending features which places this at par or higher than the iPhone itself are:

  • The 5-inch display allows better viewing and alongside the better resolution then the “Retina” display, viewing options are magnificently oriented.
  • Even with the beefed up features, the size still remains within comparable limits making for a sleek and handy device on offer.
  • The AMOLED technology oriented screen is included which allows better resolution and a higher pixel density than the iPhone.
  • With the 4G and the latest Wi-Fi 802.11 ac built-in, this device is more functional than the iPhone itself coupled with the NFC technology as well.
  • Similar options involve the wireless Wi-Fi connectivity along with DLNA added wit mobile television using the MHL technology which makes it different than the conventional options from iPhone.
  • Air gesture and the smart scroll options come in handy being exclusive of the Galaxy S4 making surfing fun.
  • Unlike the iPhone from Apple, this has a barometer built inside along with the S-Health app to enhance usability further.

Nokia Lumia 920

This device marks the return of Nokia into prominence rivaling the iPhone with its extensive built-in features. Some of these include:

  • An 8 megapixel camera, better known as the PureView camera, involves effective low-light capturing capabilities along with the optical image stabilizing option making this gadget click better pictures than the iPhone and come up as the best in market camera phone.
  • Nokia uses the platform technology which is mounted on a smaller spring so as to counter the unnecessary movement and stabilizing the captures reducing the blurriness.
  • With the windows 8 around, this device also boasts of a platform which is easy to use and learn making it ideal for the beginners looking for a Smartphone experience.

BlackBerry Q10

With this gadget the myths associated with the nonchalance of blackberry have taken a backseat and some of the most effective features well competing with the iPhone are:

  • Aided with an effective physical keyboard, the text input mechanism is much better out here when compared to the iPhone and similar touch based devices.
  • Removable battery allows better charging coupled with a pre supplied spare battery kit letting users stay connected for longer periods.
  • The software is also overpowering with the gesture based control setting up the correct tone for future invasions.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Setting across newer trends is this gadget from Samsung which competes well with the iPhone making it one of the worthy replacements of the same. The features on offer include:

  • The 5.5 inch screen is a treat to the eyes coupled with a stylus, built-in to allow digital sketches on the screen and function as a notebook for many.
  • Annotations and screenshots are allowed and the images can be easily sent across the globe with the effective messaging app using the S-Pen tab unlike that of the iPhone.
  • The battery life is worth accolades as the 3100mAh battery keeps the large and powering screen active for longer periods with charge retention of over two days.

With comparable prices and features, these devices have come up as the worthy substitutes for the iPhone letting the buyer explore newer realms associated with the Smartphone technology.