Twitter aquires Atebits, makers of Tweetie for iPhone and Mac.

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Twitter LogoRecently Twitter finalized their Official Twitter Application for Blackberry. This evening The New York Times Blog breaks the story of what will will be the official Twitter iPhone and Macintosh application. [Conflicting reports on if Twitter purchased all of Atebits or just Tweetie for iPhone.]  As reported on the Twitter Blog Tweetie for the iPhone will be made free in the app store in the upcoming weeks and Loren, previous Tweetie owner officially joins the twitter team! In addition the name of Tweetie will also be changed to Twitter for the iPhone.
What does Twitter have to say about this accusation?

As we work to provide the best possible Twitter experience on all of the major mobile platforms, momentum will increase dramatically. Millions more active, engaged, mobile users means more opportunities for all of us. Developers, services, and publishers will be able to leverage the Twitter iPhone and iPad applications to create additional innovative tools and integrations for users. We’ll have more specific information on this once Loren is officially on board. In the meantime, please join us in welcoming Loren to the Twitter team.

Does this mean we will soon see an official purchase of a Windows Twitter Application or will twitter make their own? This starts to answer questions of what Twitter’s business model will be. However, it still leaves so many questions unanswered. Perhaps the most important question still, how will Twitter monetize.