Wi-Fi Issues For Apple iPad

Some owners of the newly-available iPad have reported problems with connecting their devices to wi-fi. Reports have flooded in complaining that customers are having weak signals on the tablet computer.

Apple has acknowledged this on its support page stating that that “under certain conditions, iPad may not automatically rejoin a known wi-fi network”. It offered a fix, but Apple claimed that thet connection issue was from the router, despite some users saying that other devices worked fine on the same wi-fi connection.

Some speculated that the problem might be related to the position of the wi-fi antenna on the device, while others said it could be a software bug. Apple released a statement that said the problem could be caused by dual-band routers and suggested users created a separate network name for each band.

Along with the wi-fi issues others reported glitches with the new Apple iPad including some complaints about charging it and uploading applications.