Valve Games Releases Steam Platform for Mac OS

Recently Valve Games unleashed a beta of their Steam platform for Mac OS.  This event has been years in the making, and has come as Valve’s response to many user’s requests for a central multiplatform gaming solution.  Word of the Mac OS iteration came earlier this year, when Valve released a few images which all but confirmed its existence.  At launch, most, if not all, of Valve’s Source engine games will be available for play on Mac OS.  More titles running the Source engine are expected to follow.  Valve has stated that players on both platforms will be able to play multiplayer games with each other, and that there will be no platform boundaries whatsoever.  At this time, it is unknown if there will be support for any titles outside of  those using the Source engine on Mac OS.  The beta application form on Steam’s website suggests that Steam may be looking to use existing software to emulate Windows on Mac OS.  This could mean that Valve may offer stripped-down versions of Windows games for Mac OS.

Steam for Mac is expected to release this summer.  You can apply for the beta at