Why I Won't Buy An iPad

This is probably one of the most posted topics on the web at this moment, Reason why people won’t buy iPads. Here is my explanation and reasons why. Knowing Apple they quickly come out with a product that has many bugs and holes in the operating system. Now I am not saying that the following reasons are everyone’s but they are my own.

  • No Real Use – seriously it is just an enlarged iPhone with out the phone. Seriously it has no real use, you can go 10 times better and by a tablet notebook or get a electronic tablet and use that.
  • No Multi-Tasking – Ok, so we have this big iPad, I want to research on the internet and create a keynote presentation. Oh, wait, sorry, the Apple iPad doesn’t support it.
  • Ugly Bezel – What, what is this thing around the edge, this big ugly black thing Apple is calling a bezel. Why use does it have? Answer: NOTING
  • Flash – What flash? Apple doesn’t like Flash, which most sites use some part of, including YouTube and every other online application. HTML5 is so far out there Apple needs to learn to include flash.
  • Camera – You make this overly huge iPhone and there is no camera!!! Seriously, you can do better.
  • Name – Apple, do you now know what is going on in the world around you? So have set yourself up to the the laughing stock of the world with the name iPad. So many jokes!