VMWare Fusion 5 Review


If you have a Mac, chances are that you might miss Windows just a little because of a certain application that is Windows only. I know the feeling, as do many people. There’s a very simple and great solution to all of this, VMWare Fusion, a virtualization software that lets you visualize Windows, Mac, even a Linux distribution.

I’ve been an avid supporter of VMWare for many years, because they come from a server infrastructure background that proves time and time again they are up to the major leagues when it comes to virtualization. I personally use it for the odd program that I find only works on Windows, or that I find has a better Windows interface over the Mac one.

VMWare Fusion 5 is overall a great application to use with its ability to import VMs from other programs and even take advantage of your Boot Camp drive and allow you to visualize that. I don’t have many gripes with this virtualization software, only that sometimes it can be a bit buggy when booting into VMs and accessing outside menu items when it is in full screen mode.

For the average user or even the power user, VMWare Fusion does it right when it comes to virtualization.